Six more associations join Stop the Trades Tax campaign

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Six more Ontario construction industry associations joined the Stop the Trades Tax Campaign to call on the Liberal Government to scrap its Ontario College of Trades.


The following is from Stop the Trades Tax Campaign’s press release:

Joining the campaign to abolish the Liberal College of Trades are the Ontario Concrete and Drain Contractors Association (OCDCA), the Ontario Formwork Association (OFA), Masonry Contractors’ Association of Toronto (MCAT), the Residential Framing Contractors Association of Metropolitan Toronto and Vicinity Inc. (RFCA), the Residential Low Rise Forming Contractors Association of Metropolitan Toronto and Vicinity, and the Residential Tile Contractors Association (RTCA).

“The Stop the Trades Tax campaign is thrilled to welcome six new members to its fight to stop the Liberal Government’s job-killing bureaucracy,” said Karen Renkema, Chair of the Stop the Trades Tax Campaign. “The College’s threat of broad-based certification is becoming more and more worrying for construction workers in Ontario concerned for their jobs and livelihood. Despite clear objections from tradespeople, the Liberal government has not shown any signs of backing down from making carpentry and many other trades compulsory certified.”

The Liberal government opened the doors of its multi-million dollar new trades bureaucracy last spring. Ontario apprentices and journeypersons are being forced to pay membership fees to fund the College, while getting no benefit in return. To make matters worse, the College of Trades is preparing to make it even harder to work in the trades by enacting an agenda that includes broad-based compulsory certification for all Ontario trades. This will mean every tradesperson with a job in Ontario will need a license, for example, to pick up a hammer in order to keep working in the province. Thousands and thousands of tradespeople successfully working today will be forced out of work or back to school to keep their jobs.

“Ontario is facing a shortage in the skilled trades and we all need to do our part to encourage people to enter and stay in the industry. Unfortunately, the Liberal Government has chosen to work with a narrow group of unions and is creating barriers in the construction industry instead of supporting hardworking tradespeople,” said Renkema.

Source: Stop the Trades Tax press release

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