CAF: Improved mentorship supports needed

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A report from the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum claims better mentorship and training plans are required to make sure the next generation of skilled tradespeople have the necessary skills to carry the industry forward.
ApprenticeBorderThe document — entitled Effective Journeyperson Apprentice Mentoring On-the-job: Tips, Strategies, and Resources – discusses what it means to be a good mentor based on interviews with industry employers, trainers, apprentices, and journerpersons.

“The number one factor in whether or not apprentices continue with a trade is their journeyperson,” said CAF executive director Sarah Watts-Rynard. “That really speaks strongly to the idea that for apprentices, that mentorship and that relationship is extremely important.”

The report’s participants tabled numerous suggestions for improving Canada’s mentorship culture. They include developing stronger training plans, exposing apprentices to the larger scope of their trade, implementing a mentor accountability framework, and developing national standards and a recognition program for mentors.

Watts-Rynard also noted not all employers are necessarily aware of their responsibilities when it comes to taking on apprentices, noting, “There’s not a very good understanding of the fact that they are obligated to bring somebody on and to ensure that there is a skills development process that goes on so that someone can continue toward completion and certification.”

For more, read the full article at the Daily Commercial News.

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