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Applications open for the 2015 Jacques Chevalier scholarship award

Applications are now being accepted for CRCA’s 2015 Jacques Chevalier Scholarship award!  The competition is open to any permanent employee of a CRCA Active Member with two or more years of service.

Making the Maintenance Move: How to Start, Market and Sell a Roofing Maintenance Business

**Reprinted with permission from the Roofing Contractor Magazine Adding maintenance to your company’s offerings may be the missing piece you need to successfully grow your business. The higher profit margins can help improve your overall bottom line and allow for more aggressive project pricing if the opportunity exists. In addition, by going on the customer’s

Set in Stone: Observations on Natural Slate Roofing

**Reprinted with permission from the Roofing Contractor Magazine One of the perks of being an observer of the roofing industry is the ability to occasionally take advantage of unique learning opportunities. One such opportunity presented itself recently when my good friend, Bob Pringle of Evans Roofing Company, Elmira, N.Y., invited me to join him at