Monthly Archive:: February 2015

Manitoban construction stakeholders form Prompt Payment Committee

Support for prompt payment legislation continues to grow across Canada with the recent formation of the Manitoba Prompt Payment Committee.

ROOFTech: Canada’s Exposition & Educational Forum on Roofing Systems and Technologies

The 12th biennial ROOFTech exposition is being held May 5-6 at the Vancouver Convention Centre this year for the first time since 1999. It has been previously held in Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary.

“Skid Row CEO” to deliver the keynote address at CRCA’s 2015 Conference

From sleeping on the streets to inspiring audiences across the globe, Joe Roberts’ story is as “rags to riches” as they come. In May 2015, he’s bringing his unique tale to the main stage at CRCA’s Annual Conference in Vancouver. Roofing Canada caught up with the “Skid Row CEO” for a sneak peak of what

Governments of Canada and Nova Scotia recognize the first Canada Job Grant awarded in Nova Scotia

Fowler Construction Services Limited, a construction company in Truro, has become the first of many Nova Scotia businesses to receive funding through the Canada Job Grant.

Members in the News: Owens Corning to contribute $1.1 million to Habitat for Humanity

The Owens Corning Foundation will donate $1.1 million in cash and gifts-in-kind to Habitat for Humanity International over three years. The partnership will support house construction and revitalization projects nationwide.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce report: A look ahead at the global economy in 2015

Big changes are coming to the global economy. Canada performed well last year, but there are vulnerabilities just over the horizon, from highly indebted consumers to worries about our housing market and now weaker oil prices.

NTCCC launching prompt payment summit

The National Trade Contractors Coalition of Canada (NTCCC) is turning the spotlight on prompt payment legislation during a national summit in Ottawa this spring.

Canada launches the Flexibility and Innovation in Apprenticeship Technical Training Pilot

In order to improve the apprenticeship systems, Economic Action Plan 2014 proposed to introduce the Flexibility and Innovation in Apprenticeship Technical Training (FIATT) pilot project, to expand innovative approaches to the delivery of apprentice technical training aimed at reducing barriers to completing training, and obtaining certification.

5 ways to work with millennial expectations

Millennials are fast becoming the dominant demographic in Canada’s labour pool, representing over one-third of the country’s workforce. In his article for SmartBlog on Leadership Bonusly CEO and co-founder Raphael Crawford-Marks examines five characteristics all employers must recognize if they are to make the most of this up-and-coming generation.

CRCA’s 56th Annual Conference brochure

This spring, CRCA is welcoming the roofing world to Vancouver, BC for its 56th Annual Conference. In anticipation of the big event, it has released an official Conference Brochure detailing the many events, presentations, entertainment highlights, and opportunities that await attendees.