Monthly Archive:: April 2014

Ottawa preparing to launch Express Entry program

Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced new measures in key economic immigration programs to prepare for next year’s launch of Express Entry, Canada’s new active recruitment model.

Study: Canadian construction material costs rising

Statistics Canada reports both its Industrial Product Price Index and Raw Materials Price Index are on the rise, with the former experiencing a 1.8% year over year growth and the latter a 3.9% year over year growth as of early 2014.

Report: Thirteen mid-April economic nuggets

Alex Carrick, chief economist with CanaData, released thirteen observations concerning construction activity growth, labour movements, and housing starts within North America and beyond.

Report: US green roof industry grows by 10% in 2013

2013 saw a 10 per cent uptick in green roof and wall business south of border. This is according to the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities‘ (GRHC) Annual Green Roof Industry Survey, which also named the Washington DC Metropolitan Region as the leading region in the US, with over 2.2 million square feet of green

Six more associations join Stop the Trades Tax campaign

Six more Ontario construction industry associations joined the Stop the Trades Tax Campaign to call on the Liberal Government to scrap its Ontario College of Trades.

How to get paid faster: 10 tricks from

Slow-paying or deadbeat clients are the bane of small businesses. How are you supposed to pay your bills, much less grow your company, when the money you’ve worked for isn’t coming in the door?‘s Christina Desmarais runs down 10 tips for getting paid on time and without the hassle.

CIC’s “Express Entry” recruitment model dated, explained

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced that Canada’s active recruitment model for economic immigration will officially be called Express Entry.

Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey

Statistics Canada published its Labour Force Survey for March 2014, indicating an uptick in youth employment and an overall growth in jobs across all industries throughout the country.

OCGA: Bill 69 a success

Clive Thurston, president of the Ontario General Contractors Association (OCGA), recently released a statement on behalf of the association supporting Bill 69 and commending its success in stirring debate about prompt payment legislation.

Top five questions about ‘greening the roof’

Dr. Jim Hoff currently serves as vice president of research for the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing in Washington, D.C., and as president of TEGNOS Research Inc., a consulting organization dedicated to expanding understanding of the building envelope.